Meet the Designer: Celeste Tesoriero

by shoppingbird
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Meet the Designer: Celeste Tesoriero

On what started out to be a sunny beach day, we headed over to Bondi to catch up with the lovely and extremely talented Celeste Tesoriero, designer, stylist and blogger of The Cowboy Geisha. After kindly inviting us into her charming home we sat down for a chat about her adventures, collaborations, up-coming projects and general head-space.


We began by asking her what inspired her to want to become a designer, to which she replied “ I guess it started from wanting clothes that I could never find, I began collecting bits and pieces of vintage stuff from op-shops and mixing them together.”

Celeste had discovered her interest in fashion and completed Fashion school for a year before landing her first job as assistant designer for the notorious Australian label One Teaspoon.

“Working with Jamie, head designer of One Teaspoon it got to the point after three years, of being able to finish each others sentences. We just connected so well that we were able to project the same vibe in both our thoughts and designs.”


After finishing up with One Teaspoon, Celeste roamed internationally for several months whilst focusing on freelance projects and developing her Cowboy Geisha blog.

Her fashion inspirations derive from a mixture of Japanese fashion, a fusion of the point where East meets West, combining Western Cowboy, Bohemian and Indian styles to influence her own.


When asked where her favourite place to live is, she replied by saying “I love different places for different reasons. When I travel to a place I get so emerged into it, that I end up wanting to live there.”


She went on to mention “I do really love Japan though, the best thing about being in Japan, is the fact that you can wear the craziest outfit and still be seen as being normal. I remember putting on bright pink leather gloves and walking around, and no one responded in a weird way. You just can’t get away with that in Sydney, people would just look at you like your trying too hard. The energy in terms of fashion in Japan is so different. They have a tendency to encourage attitude in fashion. “


Celeste last worked for the Australian label Shakuhachi, which she moved to Bali for. “I loved living in Bali. It was strange though - people get island fever and I was worried that would happen to me. You have people looking after your place and doing things for you, and you become kind of dependent on it. At some point I was wondering if it was a dream, working and living in such a relaxed environment.”


As we wound down the chat, we were keen to find out wether we’d be seeing some of Celestes own designs in the near future. Turns out, dear Shoppingbirds, that she is in fact planning on designing her own label, purely based on her fused style inspirations!All we can say is that the world will be a happier place if we’re fortunate enough to snag an original Celeste Tesoriero design. Not only is she very delightful, but she has that untamed style which makes you want to hangout with her all day drinking peppermint tea and playing dress-ups.



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